emine akbaba
precious blossom One out of three women is subjected to violence. At least five women are killed in Turkey everyday. Most women were killed by their husband or boyfriend because they requested a divorce or separation from their partners or they did not reply to their confession of love, who revolt against abuse and push for independence.
After a long day she was finally on her way back home, almost reached the car when her husband suddenly appeared in front of Yasemin and their son. He tried to convince the woman over and over again. Under the orange tree Yasemin was murdered by her husband after they had been been separated for more than 1.5 years at that time. He slits Yasemin ́s throat close to a kindergarten where where she was a teacher.
Necmiye Ceren Baran (20) was killed at one of the most crowded spots in Ankara by her ex-boyfriend, a police officer. She did not reply to his confession of love and was shot with a shotgun on the 10th of May 2016.
click here for sound I remember seeing for the first time an image of a 20-year-old Turkish woman for the first time covering the news all over the world. Her hair fell on her shoulder in dazzling curls, she is smilling at the camera, sparkles in her eyes, waiting to discover and to fulllfill her dreams after her graduation from the Cag University in Mersin. But it never came true. In Mersin, a young turkish student, Özgecan Aslan, a young Turkish student, was travelling home on a minibus when a man tried to rape her. When she retaliated with pepper spray, he stopped and beat her to death with an iron bar before enlisting his father and a friend to help dispose of her body by burning, cutting her body in pieces and dumping it in a river.
 Yasemin Çetiner, 42 10/12/2014 Mersin, Toroslar