Zwischen 2010 und Mai 2017 sind 1675 Frauen für chauvinistische “Rechtfertigungen” ermordet.

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 In das Herz oder den Kopf mit einer Schrotflinte geschossen, bis zu 25mal mit dem Messer eingestochen, geköpft, zu Tode geprügelt, ihnen wird die Kehle aufgeschnitten, manche werden lebendig verbrannt.
 We do know that patriarchy, family honor, tradition and cultural pressure is the reason behind the loss of these lives; women are killed for simply being women who want lives of their own. Family honor is a highly valued concept known as “namus” in Turkey and it is linked to female modesty, chastity, and family reputation among other families, as well as loyalty.
 An ideology of preserving family honor is deeply rooted is society and is not affected by high levels of education. Many women in Turkey are well educated but still are expected to be modest and sexually pure in order to preserve the honor of their families.