According to a report released by “Kadın cinayetleri; femicide” platform, a women’s rights activist organization that keeps track of violence against women has found out that between 2010 - May 2017, 1675 women were killed.

Just around the corner, Asuman Uz (41) was murdered by her husband in Aksaray. He slits Asuman´s throat and stabs her many times.
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“Dying her hair, buying new clothes, not cooking meatballs, not passing the salt, being annoying, being accused of flirting with other men, not calling back” They were killed for simply harming their beloved Turkish honor of men and family honour while falling outside of the strict etiquette rules for Turkish women.
 Women are being killed by beating, beheading, burning alive, shooting into the heart or head with a shotgun, stabbed up to 25 times, slit their throat in the middle of the street when children passing by . It should be noted that the women not only were murdered, but their bodies were mutilated before and after their deaths.
 We do know that patriarchy, family honor, tradition and cultural pressure is the reason behind the loss of these lives; women are killed for simply being women who want lives of their own. Family honor is a highly valued concept known as “namus” in Turkey and it is linked to female modesty, chastity, and family reputation among other families, as well as loyalty.
 An ideology of preserving family honor is deeply rooted is society and is not affected by high levels of education. Many women in Turkey are well educated but still are expected to be modest and sexually pure in order to preserve the honor of their families.

Being a single mother in Turkey is highly stigmatized. Also social decorum in Turkey dictates even after their marriage is over, women should not be embarrassing their husbands by being seen and behaving out “of control” in public, being seen with another man happens even rarely. “Turkish women like gossiping. I did not want to be the topic of their afternoon tea, so I decided to move with my daughter to another city where nobody knows us. 
Of course, also here everybody is asking why am I not married. It is simply unusual In Turkey to live single as a woman on your own”.
 “Once walking down the street an older man stopped in front of me, observed me from tip to toe while his expression changed. He spit at me. In his eyes, I disgraced my family´s good name by wearing a T-Shirt, showing too much skin. Another man called me “bitch”, says Cansu and underline that she doesn´t want to stay after her graduation from the Cag University in Turkey anymore.

 It is out of question for a Turkish girl/woman from a traditional family to free herself from the cage based on her loyalty to husband, family and probably even to their children. Turkey has strict etiquette rules composed for his 39 million 229 thousand 862 hundred female citizens by dictating how to behave and talk in the public, how many children to have; how to dress as a Turkish woman in a proper way.

When Özgecan retaliated with pepper spray, he stopped her and beat her to death with a iron bar before enlisting his father and a friend to help dispose of her body by burning, cutting her body in pieces and dumping it in a river.

Unlike Yasemin ́s, Necmiye ́s, Cigdem ́s and many of the other murdered woman, Özgecan´s story got international attention and spread all over the world. Finally women from every corner of Turkey dared to hope for a better future. 
However nothing has changed. It is actually getting worse and worse.


 In 2016, 397 women were killed in Turkey, according to the statistics. Within this number 317 women were killed with weapons that year, which has been committed 85 percent by their husbands, boyfriends, former husbands and boyfriends whom women were attempting to separate themselves from. 50% of the murders has been occurred after Turkey has experienced a failed coup attempt on July 15 2016 while the state of emergency, known as OHAL, is in force ever since then, when President Erdoğan called for thousands of Turkish citizens to take to the streets; to protect their country which triggered fighting that left at least 265 dead. →

Necmiye Ceren Baran (20) was killed at one of the most crowded spots in Ankara by her ex Boyfriend, a police officer. 10/05/2016.


A woman‘s role is that of mother and homemaker. “Our religion gave woman a station. What station is this? The station of motherhood ... Motherhood is something different and is the most unobtainable, the highest station” “A woman who abstains from maternity by saying ‘I am working’ means that she is actually denying her femininity. This is my sincere thought. A woman who refuses maternity and gives up housekeeping faces the threats of losing her freedom. She is lacking and is a half [a person] no matter how successful she is in the business world”. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Gulsum Kav, the deputy chairwoman of the “We will stop femicide” plattform, a women ́s rights activist organization that keeps track of violence against women, underlines that the state and the ruling party ́s policies are responsible for the situation, The current Islamist government of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) advocates a conservative role for women with their statements that a woman ́s role is solely that of mother and homemaker.

 When I was seven years old, we lived in a green house, One of our neighbours, a talented tailor, would often beat his wife. In the evenings we listened to the shouts, the cries, the swearing. In the mornings we went on with our lives as usual. The entire neighbourhood pretended not to have heard. not to have seen. This project is for those who hear, who see. Elif Shafak, Honour.