© emine akbaba 2017 - t: +49(0)15771494871 - e: photography@emineakbaba.com «Who am I !?» «Where do I belong to?» The desire to belong somewhere is important because we need to belong. To one another, to our culture and to a country. It gives us a sense of happiness. In 1961 Turkish workers came to Germany as immigrant workers. At first there was no plan for the workers to stay in Germany for good. Over the course of the years women and children followed. By now there are great-grandchildren of the first immigrant generation, who are Turkish and German citizens, even their parents have been born in Germany. Now over 50 years later the German-Turks in Germany still identify themselve with the country of their ancestors. They consvers their traditions, language and culture. Although many German-Turks only travel to Turkey once a year for a couple of weeks to visit their relatives or to go on holiday and only experience a small part of the Turkish everyday life, the country has a very high significance for them. Turkey is the home country they long for and may not be forgotten at all costs. They do have the feeling that something is missing but they had no idea what it could be. To be part of two very different cultures and countries feels to be distinctly ungrounded. No matter where you are at a particular moment, no matter how many times you leave and come back, the «home» will always be omnipresent. This is why people with more than one cultural background become a permanent foreigner, never quite making it as a local. The belonging to a greater community that may share common interests is essential, a world in between, a safe place where those different cultures get in touch with each other and create a new environment, which is giving a sense of comfort and belonging. The commitment to the Turkish nation can be clearly seen among German-Turks. Their deep desire not forget the Turkish heritage is present their homes; no matter whether among young or old people, whether in the livingroom, in the kitchen or in the children ́s room. The Turkish identity is omnipresent.