India is a big overwhelming exotic country which is crowded with people. The cityscape is mostly dominated by the male population. Just a few tiny red, yellow and blue saris appear in the huge mass of people. There is a strong imbalance in the Indian population, males outnumber females significantly. For every 1000 boys only 800 girls are born. Over the last decades India has been losing up to 12 million baby girls. While India is slowly moving away from the male dominated culture, women are still highly discriminated. The entertainment industry, Bollywood, portrays women as independent, confident and successful. But there is a difference between the India that Bollywood portrays and the slowly modernizing Indian women. According to National Crime Record Bureau statistics crimes against women are increased by 7.1% since 2010. This also varies from state to state. In some states the oldest woman is the head of the family rather that the oldest man. Although the status of women varies in the different parts of India, the topic of being a woman began to be an issue for news reporting in western countries after the reports about raped girls and foreign tourists in India. The victims are always pictured from the back as if they have been responsible for their situation themselves and not the society. My aim is to show the real Indian women in contrast to the unrealistic Bollywood portray. My motivation is to document individual people who are representing those ordinary Indian women. I would like to show their appearance by giving them the possibility of being themselves in clear portraits where they are in the focus of the photograph. For me, Indian women are „kal“ which means “one day away from today”.

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